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We build and constantly improve our customers website all for a fixed monthly cost with nothing to pay up front. Sound like a good idea? Click below to get more info.

Free website assesment to help your webste in Eastbourne, Bexhill, Hastigs and surrounding areas

Want to Know if Your Website Needs Help?

We offer a free of charge website assessment service. Just fill out the form and we will send you a report on your site with what needs doing and how you can fix it.

Want to fix it yourself? 

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Want us to fix it for you? 

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Our Process

  • We will send you a full report on how you can improve your website

  • We discuss the report with you and give you a fixed quote

  • We build a plan and wireframe for your site and send it to you for approval

  • We build your site and send it for final approval, It then goes live

  • After your site is live we will monitor Analytics and help you move forward with changes based on what your customers do

Why Speed is So Important

Research from Bing shows that 2 second delay on your website can lead to 4.3% loss of revenue on your site and nearly a 4% reduction in clicks. Doesn’t sound like much? What if your site takes 10 seconds longer than it should to load ? thats a massive 21.5% in revenue lost all from something that can be easily optimised by us all included in the prices of your website.

This is why at Speedy website we focus on building you a fast efficient sites and provide you with a full report to show the speed of your site.

Below is a comparison of a site that we have worked on for a customer, The site was built elsewhere for a vast amount more than we could of charged. We optimised the existing site and came up with the following results.

We improved the site as shown below potentialy  increasing revenue by around 66% for a low monthly cost. Below is some other stats on what we achieved.