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Website SEO Bexhill

5 Ways Technology Makes it Easier to Share Information

Technology is a transformational wave that has entered the lives of people all over the modern world. With the integration of technology, we have easy avenues to share information whenever we wish. Consider these five ways that technology enables us to do so. It Is Faster When you use technology to share information, you can…

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Website speed up Eastbourne

Slow Website Speeds Mean Slower Growth

Slow website speeds mean slower growth for your business! Don’t let something as important as your company website be the thing that turns people away from your otherwise stellar business! The slower your webpage loads, the more likely you will lose the user and potential customer! If you find your page is taking 2, 3,…

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Local SEO service Bexhill, Eastbourne and Hastings

Why Reputation Matters to Local SEO

Local SEO is critical if you own a brick and mortar business with an online presence. It is critical as well if you only have an online presence. Local SEO is the technique and practice that allows marketers, businesses, and site owners to promote their products and services to customers in their local community. The…

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Help SEO with video

Should You Include Videos On Your Website?

There are definite benefits in adding video to your website. Videos offer a creative way to engage the world with your company’s brand. People also tend to retain what they see more than what they simply read. By adding a custom video to your website, your company can quickly experience the following benefits. Quickly Deliver…

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Website SEO speed optimisation

Why speed is important for your website

What is page speed? Page speed is how long a website takes to load. This can depend on a number of factors from how well your site is coded, to image size to your website server speed. The more optimised your site is the faster it will load for your users keeping them more interested…

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Google Chrome now showing customers when a site doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate

As part of Googles push to covert every site on the internet to use HTTPS encryption (SSL) Google Chrome is now marking all sites without a valid SSL certificate as “not secure” as of July 24th 2018. Google Chrome currently has a 60% market share in web browser usage making it essential that you get your…

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Quick Ways To Up Your WordPress Game

In today’s online business world, WordPress can give you a leg up on the competition. However, you need to use the right tools if you are going to compete because of how powerful WordPress is. If you use the wrong methods, you might be leaving opportunity and efficiency on the table. So here is how…

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Utilize the Principles of 5S to Create a More Intuitive Website

In any fast and competitive industry, a website is an essential tool. It is beneficial in creating good customer relations and brand engagement for any business. Companies are either building or updating their sites to fit the needs of their customers and to achieve their goals on a daily basis.   Business persons strive to…

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