How can you boost conversion rates with web design?

How can you boost conversion rates with web design?

Your website is designed to be a strong sales tool like anything else. If you want to make more sales you have to work at increasing your conversion rates, especially with your online traffic. Here are some of the top ways that you can boost conversion rates for your website content just by changing up the design:

Image optimization: customers are likely to stick around on your page if it doesn’t load quickly. Improving load times for your website can massively help with conversion rates as well as for generating high search engine results. If you want to make sure that your website can convert, working to scale down some of your images and properly optimizing your website can help with maximizing your conversion rate.

Consider the path through your page: when it comes to designing Web experiences you need to work on appealing to short attention spans. Just one second delay on your page or in the process of making a sale could lead to 7% in lost conversions. Make sure that users can find your sales page or complete the objective of your page within just a few seconds or your conversion rates will suffer.

Use negative space: Flat web designs became extensively popular last year thanks to their use of negative space. The space between your sidebar and content and some of the page elements across your website is something that needs to be emphasized. All of the negative space on your website can be used to keep things legible and to make sure that you can have a clear path through to the objective of the page.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for boosting conversion rates with your web design. If you would like some extra help be sure to contact our company today to use our services for improving your conversion rates.

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