Business Development

Proof that speed matters on your website

Speed optimisation case study

I thought this week I would write something more about what we do rather than our business in general. For months now I and my marketing guy Mark (talkativeonline.co.uk) have been looking into the speed of websites in comparison to website traffic and conversion. I recently took on a job for a corporate events client…

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How and why we have started to systemise and document everything!

Systemising your business

An insight into why we started systemising and documenting EVERYTHING! Up until more recently every website we build we just got on with and did the job and got it live and finished as soon as possible. While this has always worked absolutely fine, we know our process well and what needs to be done,…

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Why I changed how I build websites

Website design East Sussex

I’ve always been design driven when it comes to websites, I like to draw and create things from wood. I have a laser engraver that I make wooden cuts (Mandala Engraving) with so that has always come across in the way I build websites too. After meeting Mark from Talkativeonline I took on a whole…

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My journey building a website company

Website SEO Eastbourne

So I’ve decided to start writing about how I’m developing my business and how I’m going about it I’m doing this for a few reasons, firstly I’m going to use this as a bit of an outlet to get things out that’s I’m thinking about, secondly I want to learn to write better and more…

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