Speed - It makes websites faster, it spreads your content among many fast servers so that when your customers access your website content it gets to them in the fastest possible way.

How does Cloudflare work?

Cloudflare is a network of data centres (big rooms of computers) that sit between your website and the internet. The idea behind this is that any traffic to your website is first screened for issues then sent onto your site all without slowing anything down!


It has a number of built-in tools to serve your website content as optimised as possible, with specific tools for mobile content it will optimise your pages for the best mobile experience for your customer.


Cloudflare provides built-in protection for dos (denial of service attacks where multiple computers attack your website stopping your customers accessing your content) attacks stopping hackers from taking your website offline it also has built-in security to stop cross-site scripting and database attacks.

Faster changes

We use Cloudflare to manage your domain names setting meaning that if we need to repoint your site to a different server or change your email servers it can be done instantly rather than taking up to 48 hours.

It’s free!

Best of all you get all the features above for no extra cost, all included in your monthly fee. They do offer a premium service and if you would like to implement this for your site please contact us and we can help you.

Does using Cloudflare hurt my SEO?

The basic answer is no. Google has stated that  CDN can work great for both users and search engines (Article here)

Cloudflare have millions of clients including SEO agencies.

In fact we believe it helps as it will improve your site speed!