What is a custom 404 page and why do i need one?

A 404 page is what users see if they visit a link that doesn't or no longer exists on your website. By creating a customer 404 page it enables you to still show your content, menu or search page so that they can still engage with your website rather than seeing a blank page.


With Speedy Website, you get a customer 404 page which shows your logo and a list of pages that customers can visit making sure that even if a customer somehow gets to a dig link you don't lose them from viewing your site.

Search engines

If a search engine hits a 404 page when indexing your site showing a sitemap of your pages will help make sure none of your pages miss out on being indexed, improving your SEO

What does a 404 page indicate?

A 404 page is returned when a page has been moved or deleted. This is not the same as a DNS error which is the page you get when the website address points to a non-existent server. a 404 page indicates the server is there but the page specified is not.