Google & Facebook reviews

The number one factor consumers use to judge a business is a star rating.

Customer confidence

Because Google and Facebook reviews are so well trusted they will also boost your customer's confidence when dealing with you to buy a product or service

People without Facebook

By displaying your Facebook reviews on your website you are opening up your strong reviews to all those people that don't use Facebook


It shows transparency when you have live reviews on your site, good or bad review it shows people your genuine with your customer reviews. Not all bad reviews are bad!


People don’t trust in screenshots of your reviews as they are more likely to be tampered with, this is why we always show direct live feed reviews from Google and or Facebook rather than just images of your reviews.

Google and Facebook are trusted

Did you know Did you know its estimated 20% of reviews for certain products on Yelp are fake Google & Facebook reviews are seen as some of the most trusted on the internet.

It's content

You reuse your blogs on social media so why not reuse your review content on your website. Why set up separate reviews on your website that have less confidence with customers.

Visitors will stay longer on your site

Not much to say about this fact but it is proven that people who have their Google and Facebook reviews displayed directly on their site have a lower bounce rate.

Promotion of more reviews

Placing your reviews on your site as well as giving confidence to customers also gives you another platform to gather more reviews!

People trust Google & Facebook

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users, by displaying your Facebook content on your site you are giving your customers more confidence.

“85 % of consumers look through approximately 10 reviews while they make up their mind”

“Users are 38% more likely to visit and 29% more likely to consider purchasing from a business that has a complete Google places page.”

“92% of customers check out reviews before buying”

“79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as word of mouth”

“People normally spend 31% more on a brand that has excellent reviews”