Google Gsuite

All our monthly websites come with a Gsuite account for 1 user, as many additional users as you need can be added just let us know, just contact us when you sign up and we can do it for you (£3.75 per additional user per month)

You can also add extra users at any time during your subscription by contacting us. Here is a list of great features you get included with your Gsuite account.


1 Gmail email address, for example, [email protected], as many forwarders as you want, for example, [email protected] or [email protected]

Google Drive

30GB of storage space in your Google Drive all included in your monthly rate.

Google Calendar

Google calendar, can be synced with your phone and shared with colleagues.

Google Docs

Links to docs, sheets, forms, slides included enabling you to create, edit and share documents without spending a penny more per month.

Look professional

GoDaddy State that the potential customer is far more likely to do business with a company that uses a business email address rather than one that doesn’t. A business email address will make you look more professional.

Managing your old email

Previously using a different email address ? for example if you currently use [email protected] we can make those emails show in your new inbox so that when you reply from your new inbox your customer and suppliers will get your new email address and you won’t lose any existing business for those that still have your old address, we can do this with any email from Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or any other email provider.

In 2017 Gsuite had over 3 Million Users