When looking at your SEO and customer engagement Hotjar can show you visually what your website visitors are doing. So how does this help you?

Design and placement of elements

With Hotjar we can see where customer are clicking and what elements they are attracted to enabling up to update elements on your site to encourage more user interaction.

Device types

With Hotjar you can specifically see which devices are doing what, enabling you to decide very easily if you need to change your pages round depending on the device or potentially adding pages specific for mobile.


By default, we will look at your Hotjar and make changes to the elements of your site based on the stats. You can also run surveys and another stat gathering to help find out what your customers want to see on your site.

Visitor recording

With visitor recording, you can see exactly what customers are doing simply by just watching a video of them on the site.

Funnel tracking

You can track your sale funnels through Hotjar. Giving you a step by step of where people are dropping off so you can make changes and increase your conversion rates.