How Higher Word Count Positively Affects Your Blog’s Relevance

When writing an article for a blog, the content is just as important as the word count of the final article. Whether the content is purely meant for educating and informing the readers or for SEO purposes, blogs must have a good structure, one that attracts the readers while promoting their willingness to share the content through social media sites for site optimization.

More words = better SEO

Generally, the length of the article affects the manner in which information gets put across. A long article would generally tend to expose the blogger to a wider space upon which to express the points desired. If the content is meant for SEO purposes, the wider and longer word-length gives the author an appropriate platform for them to inject more words of SEO importance, therefore making the article rank better in the Google platform.

Higher word count increases article “shareability”

When creating articles either for education or optimization purposes, the blogger always has one thing in mind: that the content would attract a wider readership and thereby come into contact with more potential clients. To increase shareability of the article, it is vital for the author to have as much comprehensive content as possible. This ensures that the topic of interest is addressed well, therefore growing the interest of the readers as opposed to a short blog which barely covers the subject.

It has been established through research that blog contents with over 1500 words tend to attract more social media-based sharing as compared to shorter blogs. Here, word count tools come in handy. There are many such word count tools which can help you keep track of your content. For instance, wordcounter.io includes free grammar tools that will help your written communications and allows you to see how many words are in the content written.

Higher word count increases link-backs

Blog posts tend to engage readers in a social and conversational manner. No single blog stands independently regarding the nature of the content. Blog posts always tend to refer to other blog posts through link-backs. The volume of content written most likely influences the number of link-backs that the content generates. The more of these links, the better the article in terms of relevance. Longer content also creates of a conversational tone which gives other bloggers an opportunity to link their content to your content.

Blogs will always be fascinating and interesting, as long as the content authored is of great quality and relevant. To ensure best comprehension when writing blog posts, word count is a vital element to pay special attention to. Longer posts are proven to perform better in accomplishing their objective of delivering information, and increased usefulness thus increases your web traffic.

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