How to setup Hotjar in WordPress in 6 easy steps

Here is our super easy to follow guide on setting up Hotjar on your WordPress website. We have split this down into 6 sections which you can see below or if you prefer you can visit out YouTube channel and view as 1 complete video here https://youtu.be/7W0DfxX6kH8

Step 1

Setting up a Hotjar account

Step 2

How to install Hotjar tracking code into WordPress

Step 3

How to create your first heatmap in Hotjar

Step 4

Setting up visitor recording

Step 5

Setting up a home page to contact page funnel, this will enable you to monitor how many people go to your contact page from your home page

Step 6

How to exclude your IP address so that Hotjar does not track your activity on your own site.

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