Why your one page website could be bad for your SEO

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What classed as a one page website?

One page website designs are websites design around all being on the same single page which you then scroll down to the relevant section all from one screen. Normally would would have a menu at the top which will take you to each section. While this may look pretty there is many drawbacks to using this type of design.

Why are one page website designs so bad for SEO ?

One page websites became really popular over the last few years but we have put together a few reason why you shouldn’t be using one.

When your trying to rank for multiple keywords for your website it becomes incredibly difficult to get enough content in on what’s essentially one web page.

While one page site seem to be user friendly, It really is as simple as if you use a 1 page web design, Google and Bing will find it hard to find enough content to rank you for multiple keywords. Realistically you would limit optimising a web page for one to two keywords where as with a one page site this simply is just not possible.

Load time

Even more so than before load speed is an important factor when Google and other search engines are looking at your website. Ultimately by having all your website on one page your loading as much as a full website all in one page which will affect your user experience by making your pages load slowly.


Another issue with building your site this way is tracking your traffic with Google Analytics. It’s much harder to track what’s going on with a single page than it is a multi page website. While it is possible to see what’s going on your need to consider that you may need to hire a web design company to set this up for your unless you have advanced Analytics experience. One of the main issues with this is you will not be able to track your Bounce Rate as Google will see all your pageviews as bounced as no one ever get away from your home page. If this is something you need to do we suggest looking at how you can track fragments in Google Analytics. You can read more about how to track fragments here

What’s the easiest way to fix this if you have one

Splitting your one page site into multiple pages will help your SEO, simply put you can’t just get enough content in to help rank your website with 1 page designs. This can be easily done by creating new multiple website pages and transferring the content from each section of your one page website across. We also suggest you then go through a page at a time and expand your content for each page.

When a one page website can be good.

There is times that a one page website can be useful but we would think of it more useful as Landing pages for a specific project. If for example your driving adverts for a specific product you can use different graphic design on your landing page to display all the information about your products then push them through to your main site from there. You can then use this page to track how many people have come to your page through that Google Adwords or Facebook Ads campaign.

This could also be applied to landing pages you link on social media to follow traffic through from a specific products or service your trying to push but we would always recommend linking in your main site to enable customers to find out more about you and browse the other information on your site.

Do you need help ?

If you like what we are saying and need help with your website please just get in touch and we are happy to discuss your project with you and help you get it fixed. We offer a free no obligation hours call or meeting with one of us who can help you work out the best way for you to move forward with your design and development of your site. We can also offer your a free optimisation report for your site (you can see an example of what you will get here). Just stick in your details and we will send it over to you. This includes tips on how to fix this yourself or you can contact us to help you with it.

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