Proof that speed matters on your website

I thought this week I would write something more about what we do rather than our business in general.

For months now I and my marketing guy Mark (talkativeonline.co.uk) have been looking into the speed of websites in comparison to website traffic and conversion.

I recently took on a job for a corporate events client to speed up their website. This was a bit of an awkward one as the site uses a custom built WordPress theme and is difficult to change around without changing the way the client manages it without a ton of work, that quite honestly isn’t worth doing at this point as the client will be rebuilding the site in the coming months. So with a small budget to do the job, we did some essential “speed management”

What we did

Below is a list of some of the “less technical” things we did. These are all things you can do on your site too that will improve your speed. If you want a free report on what needs doing just send us a message or contact us and we will send you a report free of charge (I’ll be honest we use this as a no pressure lead system for our business, many people receive the report then either don’t want to do the work themselves and prefer to pay us, some take the report and do it themselves. )

  • Optimised images
  • Optimised JavaScript and CSS
  • Set up caching
  • Changed the way scripts load and the order they load
  • Reduced the home page size by 3MB

What we found

The customer’s site already pulls a lot of traffic and has a good rate of time spent on the site but what we found after the optimisation was even more effective than we thought!

Below is the improvement we got in a period of three weeks after optimisation.

What’s next

After seeing the results from this. We now plan to push the site further and monitor closely the results. I’ll be posting again when this is done and what the results are (good or bad)

About us

If you want to talk to us about your site and how we can help try and achieve similar results please just send us a message on LinkedIn or contact us through. Our website