SEO (Search engine optimisation)

Built into every Speedy Website site is one of the best SEO systems available with over 40 million users worldwide its among the best available on the market today.

5 amazing features of Speed Website SEO system

All sites come with it pre-setup available for you to use to help you create great blog content that's SEO safe.

  1. Keyword optimisation for each page or blog that is created
  2. Previews how your page will display in Google results
  3. Analysis of your blog or page readability
  4. Checks for duplicate content to help your Google ranking
  5. Updated software, new updates for the software every 2 weeks to keep up with any changes Google makes.

Premium options

Also available is a premium version of the software with the following extra features available for a one-off cost of £99 and is yours to keep for as long as you use your website.

  1. Internal link suggestions, the software will suggest the best content you should link to in your pages and blogs
  2. Redirect manager, need to move or delete a page or post? it will automatically deal with this of you keeping the old link pointing to a relevant page and saving any incoming traffic being sent to the wrong page which potentially will lose you visits.
  3. Up to 5 keywords per page optimisation.
  4. Content insight, the software will automatically read your content and suggest which keywords best fit the content you have already written.


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