Slow Website Speeds Mean Slower Growth

Slow website speeds mean slower growth for your business! Don’t let something as important as your company website be the thing that turns people away from your otherwise stellar business! The slower your webpage loads, the more likely you will lose the user and potential customer! If you find your page is taking 2, 3, 4 seconds (or even longer) to load, then it’s time to have professionals sort it out for you.

Modern Web Users Expect Instantaneous Results

In the twenty-first century, the average web user is always looking for breakneck connection speeds, and they will expect your business to have a blisteringly fast website with quick response times to match. Longer website load times translate directly into lost conversions.

Conversion Rates, Quick Response Times, and How They Affect Your Online Business

First, let’s answer the question “what is a conversion rate?” Conversion rates are, in layman’s terms, numbers that describe how well your website provides users with the desired action. And, they are how search engines determine whether or not your site meets the users needs in addition to merely containing the keywords related to what they’re searching for. Basically, search engines calculate how long an average user stays on your page and how often they perform the desired action once they’ve arrived on your site. These factors are calculated into your site’s conversion rate. The better your conversion rate, the better your website will rank on search engines and the more likely you’ll obtain new online customers. In other words, the better your website serves the user, the better search engines will rank your site on the results pages. The better your site ranks on search engines, the more likely new users will visit your site. The more likely users visit your site, the more likely you will create a new customer and your business will grow!

The Internet is Competitive, So Compete!

Being a successful online presence is exceptionally competitive. So compete! The goal of any website is to serve the user and to create a customer. If your site is slow, then you’ll lose users. If your website is just a keyword funnel (spams the user with useless content that is designed to do nothing but improve rank in a search engine), then you’ll lose users as soon as they land on your page. Remember, a slow website means slower growth for your business. Don’t let a slow-loading page be the bane of your otherwise successful online presence!

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