SSL, What does it mean?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer – simply put it ensures all the data passed between the server and the browser remains private.

Why use SSL?

A few reasons why you should use SSL on your website (HTTPS) are listed below.

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Google Ranking

It’s good for Google, Google now uses whether you have SSL or not as a ranking factor in their search results, websites without an SSL certificate will not rank as high as those with one.

Google’s webmaster trends analyst Gary Llyes explains that “If all quality signals are equal for two results, then the one that is on HTTPS would get … or may get … the extra boost that is needed to trump the other result.”

Mobile Search

Mobile search engine rankings – with 2018 seeing 52.2% of internet traffic being mobile ranking high in the mobile search is essential. Google’s algorithm will use SSL as a primary indexing consideration for mobile page ranking.


It gives your customers confidence – SSL helps prevent attacks on your customers and you by hacks stopping “man in the middle” attacks. This is where hackers try and intercept the data going between your website and your user, with SSL this eliminates that issues by encrypting the data making it unreadable for hackers.

Browser Confidence

Not secure – from January 2017 google chrome started displaying in its browser when a site is not secure. Other browsers have also followed suit including Firefox and Safari. Showing that your site is secure will give customers greater confidence when contacting you online.