Website updates

We take care of all your updates for you for a price less than many charge for design alone.

We all know there is nothing worse than visiting a website for information then finding its out of date. Looking for a shop then finding when you get there they have moved and haven’t updated their website. Why not let us keep your up to date for you and avoid losing potential customers over an out of date website.

How it works

It super simple, you email us on a dedicated support email address what you would like done and we do it. No having to find passwords, work out a design or spend hours trying to work out how your website works, just send a simple email and its done within a few days.

What benefits updating gives

Updating not only keeps your customers up to date with the latest info but Google also loves updates and it will help with your search ranking.

Zero maintenance

Not only do we update your content for you but we also take care of critical updates to your site behind the scenes, server updates, software update and malware scans are just a few.

Below is a list of some of the items you get managed included in your monthly fee. If you have a specific question about something not listed please contact us.

  • Software updates
  • Third party updates
  • Server updates
  • Security updates and checks
  • Updating link and menus
  • Changing photos
  • Adding updated content
  • Managing your blog posts (Limits apply)
  • Footer changes

Ready to have a website that you don’t have to worry about anymore? Get in touch. Want to take it one set further, we can also write your content for you (Fees will apply) talk to us for a no obligation quote