Website design Eastbourne

Speedy website is a website design agency based in Bexhill East Sussex but covers Eastbourne and other surrounding areas.

Concentrating mainly on web design services all our website are built based on facts. We will analyse your business and existing website (if you have one) then build on the basis of what you do and what your customers do when they interact with your website.

What do we see as important in website design.

We agree that everyone wants to have a website that looks nice and has a great graphic design but what is really important for your site to get you visitors and help convert those customers ?

Responsive website design, It now so important to make sure that your website is mobile friendly as Google is now mainly looking at your mobile site before the desktop version. Using responsive design means that your website will always display the best whether your using a mobile, tablet or a desktop PC.

Analytics, We use Google Analytics to monitor your website and check what users are doing, along with HotJar we can see what people are doing, what they are clicking and update and optimise your site as we gather data on what your customers are doing.

Speed, Google are now looking more and more at user experience and speed is a huge factor in that. While having huge photos that look great on your site is nice to look at you have to remember that if the page takes so long to load that no one ever stays to view those photos are useless. When building sites we alway consider page load as one of the main factors. You can read more about how we have used speed to increase website traffic in this case study we have written based on one of our website customers that came to us to have their site optimised.

Just want some help working out what you need ?

Many people just come to use for a free website optimisation report. This is a service we offer for free and we will check and look at how your website is working currently and give you tips and tricks that you can use to optimise your site yourself.

We would love to do the work for you and you are welcome to see what our pricing is like on our pricing page.

It could get you a long way to improving your website for free and will help you with search engine optimisation if you put in place what we recommend.

Want to get in touch and learn more about how we can help ? Just drop us a message via our contact page or call us on 01424 236307