Case Study: What Happens When You Take an OK Website and Improve Its Performance?

One of our corporate entertainment customers asked us to improve website performance, to ensure their website was generating the maximum number of sales. As we know, Google now places greater importance on load speed. These results show how a non-optimised website can seriously impact your sales.

Speedy Website case study

The Objective

To improve load speed thereby increasing traffic and sales.

What we did

  • Did a full analysis of the website to see where performance could be improved
  • Optimised all images
  • Fixed CSS and Javascript preventing the page from loading quickly
  • Implemented page caching
  • Implemented page compression
  • Monitored the site with Google Analytics, Recording and Heatmapping software
  • Moved and renamed clickable elements

Results Prior to any Changes

  • Year on year you can see there’s a slight increase in traffic
  • This growth had come from a small amount of SEO and online Ads

What we changed

Using various analysis and evaluation tools, we were able to identify numerous changes which were implemented.


The results from a customer perspective were seen in two ways:

  1. A large increase in Traffic as seen in Google Analytics
  2. Increased sales

Below you can see the change over the last month. Below this, you can see the numbers from Google analytics in terms of improved results.


This has created the largest increase in sales the customer has seen in a long time and they were doubly pleased because they reduced their ad spend at the same time.


The results are extreme and demonstrate what impact an optimised website can have on a business.

Changes made to button texts and position also helped create a significant improvement in click through to sales and sign up pages.