Why I changed how I build websites

I’ve always been design driven when it comes to websites, I like to draw and create things from wood. I have a laser engraver that I make wooden cuts (Mandala Engraving) with so that has always come across in the way I build websites too.

After meeting Mark from Talkativeonline I took on a whole different perspective when looking at how I build the sites out. I was always aware of the fact that good content and looking at analytics was an important part of a good website and would always look at this but after speaking through a lot of stuff I now realise just how essential it is and probably more so than something that looks pretty.

We have now worked on a number of projects for clients that we both jointly work with and our own and the way I built now has completely changed (for the better)

It’s interesting how by speaking to someone who is looking at things from a different angle too you can change the way you work. I’m now much more aware of analytics and facts and figure than I ever was and while I am no expert in SEO or reading analytics I understand much better now how this can be used to build better designed more efficient sites.


I’ve spoken to 5 new potential clients in the last 10 days, 2 of which have signed up and the other waiting for a second discussion, I can’t believe how things have progressed so quickly. I’ve put my all into this new venture and it’s starting to pay off well. I’ve also been signed off on some work for a big client that I’m slowly building out mobile-specific pages for on a monthly basis. It’s an exciting project to be involved with as I really get to see the results from the work I put in (they have a huge amount of traffic compared to my normal clients) I will write about this and what I have learnt in a future blog.

Getting help!

I’m going to be taking on an apprentice over the next couple of months so if that’s something that interests you please contact me and we can have a chat. Again I aim to blog about the progress of this too.

Get in touch

As always if you would like to get in touch you can visit my website Speedy Website or contact me with any questions or work enquiries. There will be a new more built out website coming soon it’s just taken a back burner due to the amount of work that’s been coming in recently.